Made soap after a long hiatus!

So the last time I made cold process soap was in March 2011.  What a long hiatus!  I had to take a break from soapmaking because I am pregnant and all of the fragrances were making me feel nauseous!  I store my finished soaps in the garage and I couldn't even go near the garage with out feeling like I had to gak!  The first trimester was the worst.  I'm about at the end of my pregnancy now and I wanted to get back into soaping.  I missed it.  So I decided to make some soap today.  A real simple 100% olive oil castile soap.  No color, no fragrance.  It makes for good and gentle baby soap too.  I still have some from before that I can use, but I wanted to make some more.  So I used 4 pounds of olive oil to make soap!  Yup that's a lot of soap!  It was so fun.  So castile soap takes a long time to cure so I'll let these sit around for a good, long time before I consider using them. 

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