Cupcakes, Cakes, Pies – yeah, yeah, been there done that…

Ah, but what about soap ice cream cones!!

Yup, that's right I made soap cones!

These soap cones are really BIG.  They are about 9 oz.  My usual bar soaps are around 4-5 oz.  Here's the size in comparison to the cupcake soaps.

And here's a cute three item collection

I saw silicone ice cream cone muffin molds.  So I got 3 of the molds and used one to make soap cones.  I think I might keep the other molds, at least one, for food use.  They would make great edible cupcakes and either use frosting or real ice cream as the top.

I thought the cone part would darken a bit more.  I used Summer Melon Spritzer FO and it has a little bit of vanilla in it, but so far it hasn't darkened at all.  Interesting.  The 'ice cream' portion I used Grape Juice FO and I tried a purple swirl cone.  The purple didn't turn out quite as dark as I wanted and the mixture got too hard and it's looking a little lumpy.  So the soap cones are looking more pale than I wanted, but they are supercute anyway!  Since these soap cones are so large I suppose one could cut them in half either from top to bottom (might be tricky) or cut between the cone and the top. 

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