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Wow, so long since last posting. My soap making is sporadic since having two kids.  I squeeze it in when I can but it takes a lot of planning.  Try to get it in during naps.  Do a lot of prep work over the days prior so I can just make.  I pay closer attention to my lye since having kids.

Here’s what I have been doing lately.

The last time I made soap was 4/13/12.  So on 1/10/14 I started with a simple 100% olive oil castile soap.  Basics.  I did use some cocoa powder to color.  No fragrance.  I put it in my slab mold with the dividers.

IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0697

3/27/14: I made unfragranced soap used a rainbow of colors to make some colored embeds.  I did also make a loaf of Black Raspberry and Vanilla.


Here’s the Black Raspberry and Vanilla.  I did stripes of white, pink, and purple.  Then I spoon swirled.  I CPOP’d and it heated up too much, thus lots of titanium dioxide crackling or glycerin rivers.


Then I used the colored chunks to roll into multicolored balls and cut up some of the colored soap for embeds.

4/5/14: group shot


Here are the colored soap balls in a white base.  No crackling this time because I didn’t CPOP and no overheating occurred.  It’s fragranced with Passionfruit, but it morphed and lost all of it’s tart goodness.  It’s still looks cute though.


Then the colored chunks it put into a soap fragranced with Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper.


Then one I put in jojoba beads for exfoliation in one fragranced with Ocean Breeze


And a drop swirl for one fragranced with Viva La Juicy type.


6/22/14: I tried my hand at a rainbow soap.  Unfortunately the Georgia Peach fragrance oil morphed and it looks better than it smells.  It’s still a fruity smell, but it isn’t the nice peach that I was looking for.  I do like how the rainbow turned out!

IMG_0903 IMG_0904

8/31/14: I got a hankering to do soap cupcakes!  These are fragranced in Avobath type.

IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1213

Hot damn!  They are cute!  I do love piping.  I don’t know why I don’t do it for actual baked cupcakes and cakes.

I also made Root Beer fragranced soap.  It turns a very dark brown color so I kept some unfragranced to make it look like a foamy top.  The tan color will go very dark like the edges as it is exposed to the air.  Smells just like the soda.


I used mottled orange soap balls and an orange mica line for Kumquat fragranced soap.


I also made a simple, plain soap fragranced with Oatmeal Milk and Honey.  I didn’t take a photo of this one.

Latest soap tally

I'm looking over my soap notes.  I made my first cold process soap Nov 2009!  Since then I have used 117 pounds of oils/butters to make approximately 140 pounds of soap!!  WOW!

I have used over 45 different recipes.  I've used a variety of different kinds of molds.  Milk cartons, Pringles cans, plastic boxes, plastic cookie trays, silicone muffin and cupcake pans, silicone cake pans, rubber ice cube trays, wood molds, silicone lined wood molds.  I've used cow's milk, goat's milk, vegetable purees, honey, salt, beer, colloidal oatmeal as additives.  I've used a variety of colorants and fragrances.  I still have a nice collection of fragrance and essential oils and I want to get more! 

I've had a lot of fun making soap these 2 years and I plan on continuing to have more fun!

Making soap

Finally getting some soap made again!  It's so much fun!! 

Recently I've made several batches of soap.

Lily of the Valley
Clean Type
Passionfruit Papaya
Dream Type
Acai Berries and Satin
Kazi Kazi
Acai and Mangosteen

I used different molds and colorants.  I'll have to take some photos and post them. Maybe I'll try making another video.  Hmmm…

I'm in the mood to soap!

Well, what shall I do for my next batch of soaping?  I have a bunch of fragrance oils and essential oils, colorants and glitters…

I love the smell of lemongrass, so refreshing. 
Lavender is always good.  Soothing.
Lily of the Valley…
or maybe a fruity scent…  Passionfruit Papaya
or Turkish Mocha

too many choices. 

It also doesn't help that I haven't picked a go to soap recipe either.  They all feel about the same to me, so I just need to pick one and stick with it. 

Finished castile soaps!

Here are my finished castile soaps!

I had some teddy bear embeds from before so I placed them on top of some of the soaps individual soaps.


Very cute! 

I also got to use my tank cutter for the soap log. 
That's always fun, and it makes really even and consistent cuts and does them super quickly!

So now these will sit around for a good and long cure.  I mean really really long.  People say a year is good. 

Made soap after a long hiatus!

So the last time I made cold process soap was in March 2011.  What a long hiatus!  I had to take a break from soapmaking because I am pregnant and all of the fragrances were making me feel nauseous!  I store my finished soaps in the garage and I couldn't even go near the garage with out feeling like I had to gak!  The first trimester was the worst.  I'm about at the end of my pregnancy now and I wanted to get back into soaping.  I missed it.  So I decided to make some soap today.  A real simple 100% olive oil castile soap.  No color, no fragrance.  It makes for good and gentle baby soap too.  I still have some from before that I can use, but I wanted to make some more.  So I used 4 pounds of olive oil to make soap!  Yup that's a lot of soap!  It was so fun.  So castile soap takes a long time to cure so I'll let these sit around for a good, long time before I consider using them. 

Cupcakes, Cakes, Pies – yeah, yeah, been there done that…

Ah, but what about soap ice cream cones!!

Yup, that's right I made soap cones!

These soap cones are really BIG.  They are about 9 oz.  My usual bar soaps are around 4-5 oz.  Here's the size in comparison to the cupcake soaps.

And here's a cute three item collection

I saw silicone ice cream cone muffin molds.  So I got 3 of the molds and used one to make soap cones.  I think I might keep the other molds, at least one, for food use.  They would make great edible cupcakes and either use frosting or real ice cream as the top.

I thought the cone part would darken a bit more.  I used Summer Melon Spritzer FO and it has a little bit of vanilla in it, but so far it hasn't darkened at all.  Interesting.  The 'ice cream' portion I used Grape Juice FO and I tried a purple swirl cone.  The purple didn't turn out quite as dark as I wanted and the mixture got too hard and it's looking a little lumpy.  So the soap cones are looking more pale than I wanted, but they are supercute anyway!  Since these soap cones are so large I suppose one could cut them in half either from top to bottom (might be tricky) or cut between the cone and the top. 

Packages at my door!

More packages arrived at my door! 

I got my cyclomethicone, dimethicone, Dry-Flo, Isopropyl myristate for lotion making.  My goal is to try and make my lotion have more slip, less drag on the skin.

I got more fragrance and essential oils.  Oh boy.   I have GOT to stop purchasing any more fragrances.  I have so many 1-2 oz bottles.  It's pretty rare that I have actually repurchased any particular fragrance because I love trying out new ones.  I got some Lily of the Valley.  Oh WOW!  I did not know what Lily of the Valley smelled like, but I kept hearing people say it's a great fragrance.  Holy moly no kidding!  It's so refreshing.  Usually I'm not a big floral person, mostly I'm a fruity/clean fragrance type, but I really like this FO. 

I'm expecting to get some more silicone molds, bottles for lotion, more mica colorants, MP soap base.   More stuff to make more soap!