Latest soap tally

I'm looking over my soap notes.  I made my first cold process soap Nov 2009!  Since then I have used 117 pounds of oils/butters to make approximately 140 pounds of soap!!  WOW!

I have used over 45 different recipes.  I've used a variety of different kinds of molds.  Milk cartons, Pringles cans, plastic boxes, plastic cookie trays, silicone muffin and cupcake pans, silicone cake pans, rubber ice cube trays, wood molds, silicone lined wood molds.  I've used cow's milk, goat's milk, vegetable purees, honey, salt, beer, colloidal oatmeal as additives.  I've used a variety of colorants and fragrances.  I still have a nice collection of fragrance and essential oils and I want to get more! 

I've had a lot of fun making soap these 2 years and I plan on continuing to have more fun!

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