Packages at my door!

More packages arrived at my door! 

I got my cyclomethicone, dimethicone, Dry-Flo, Isopropyl myristate for lotion making.  My goal is to try and make my lotion have more slip, less drag on the skin.

I got more fragrance and essential oils.  Oh boy.   I have GOT to stop purchasing any more fragrances.  I have so many 1-2 oz bottles.  It's pretty rare that I have actually repurchased any particular fragrance because I love trying out new ones.  I got some Lily of the Valley.  Oh WOW!  I did not know what Lily of the Valley smelled like, but I kept hearing people say it's a great fragrance.  Holy moly no kidding!  It's so refreshing.  Usually I'm not a big floral person, mostly I'm a fruity/clean fragrance type, but I really like this FO. 

I'm expecting to get some more silicone molds, bottles for lotion, more mica colorants, MP soap base.   More stuff to make more soap!

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